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Note: Because clients may have updated their copy since working with us, we’ve linked to a cached version of their sites in most cases. These pages may take longer to load, however, so please accept our apologies for that.

Note: Because clients may have updated their copy since working with us, we’ve linked to a cached version of their sites in most cases. These pages may take longer to load, however, so please accept our apologies for that.

Note: Because clients may have updated their copy since working with us, we’ve linked to a cached version of their sites in most cases. These pages may take longer to load, however, so please accept our apologies for that.

Note: Because clients may have updated their copy since working with us, we’ve linked to a cached version of their sites in most cases. These pages may take longer to load, however, so please accept our apologies for that.

Landing Page Copy


Amerisleep Portfolio Preview

Amerisleep is among the leading online mattress brands in the country. We helped them increase their conversion rate through checkout nearly 14% (with 98% confidence) by rewriting the copy on their product page.

We probed deeper into the minds of their audience and uncovered more powerful benefits than the obvious “get more sleep.” To counter last-minute resistance, we used loss aversion to show the consequences of not buying, and we used an advanced approach to comparisons to one-up the competition.

You can find out more about the results of the project and the copywriting tactics we implemented in the comprehensive case study we wrote with Growth Rock, the A/B testing agency we partnered with on the project.

Getting Sleepy

Getting Sleepy Portfolio Preview

Getting Sleepy is an all-natural sleep supplement designed to help users fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply throughout the night, and wake up refreshed and ready for their day. What makes this page so successful is that it focuses on “the problem behind the problem.”

When it comes to sleep supplements, people don’t want to sleep better for it’s own sake. Better sleep is just a means to an end. What they really want is to live exciting lifestyles. But they can’t do that without a good night’s sleep.

This page positions Getting Sleepy as the solution that will not only get people the immediate benefit they want (sleep) but also speaks directly to their underlying desire of being more active and getting more out of their day.

Better Beard Club

BBC Portfolio Preview

Better Beard Club is a biotin-based supplement designed to help men grow fuller, longer, healthier beards. We wrote new copy for their landing page, beat their control, and increased sales volume.

We focused our market research heavily on the reasons why the Legendary Beard Co. audience wanted a fuller, longer beard. Surprisingly, it wasn’t just sex appeal! Another key motivation was establishing authority and status among other men, and not being treated like the “rookie” or “baby” in the group.

Discovering and tapping into these fundamental desires, combined with credible and proven product claims, meant more visitors felt compelled to place an order — and sales increased accordingly.

7Sage Live!

7Sage Portfolio Preview

7Sage Live! is an in-person LSAT training for college students preparing to attend law school. There are a number of persuasive techniques used here that are specific to selling classes and information products. For example, when it comes to selling a course, one of the worst things you can do as a copywriter is tell people what they will “learn.”

Most people think that “learning” is hard. In their minds it requires studying and focus and effort, and that can be a turn off that causes them not to purchase. In order to make the process seem simple and easy to prospective students, instead of saying they will “learn” by taking the course, we reframed the copy to say “at the end of the course you will know(then listed the skills they will acquire).” This made the the results seem effortless and drove up conversions.

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Sales Emails & Letters

ADSUM Announcement and Sales Emails

ADSUM Email Portfolio Preview

This email was part of a campaign we wrote to help ADSUM (a conference for performance marketers) promote their inaugural event. It generated a return on investment over 300%. The messaging was slightly unusual, since the emails came from the event sponsors, not the organizers. That’s because the sponsors’ email lists contained the conference’s target audience.

The call to action included a 10% off promotion, however discounts are problematic because they can destroy the perceived value of whatever is being marked down. We were able to prevent this using innovative positioning.

Instead of just slashing prices (and the value of the offer with them), we had the sponsor say they were covering 10% of the ticket for their subscribers. This way full price was implied, keeping the value high, but the reader still saved 10%.

Your First Mate Pre-Launch Survey Email

Your First Mate Email Portfolio Preview

This email was part of an A/B test for the pre-launch email campaign of Your First Mate, a service that automates estimated tax payments for freelancers. Of the people that received this email (not just who opened) 12% of them clicked through. That was triple the click-through rate compared to the other email in the test, with 93.5% significance.

A main reason this email converts is because it uses a juxtaposition of the reader’s current pain (the hassle and stress of the estimated tax process) and the possible future where that pain is gone (never having to think about estimated taxes again). The word “imagine” in particular is a powerful trigger that grabs a reader’s attention and makes them start dreaming about a future where their problem is gone. By simultaneously agitating their present struggle and showing them how to eliminate it, the reader is compelled to take action.

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Full Website Copy

The Link Builders

The Link Builders Portfolio 

The Link Builders needed to update their website copy when their business transitioned from providing traditional SEO and web marketing services to focus on online reputation management for top brands and executives.

Individuals and businesses usually wait until they’re in the middle of a PR crisis before they purchase online reputation management services. Whether that’s a scandalous story about an executive circulating in the media or a series of bad reviews for a product on RipoffReport.com, most of the time they don’t engage a reputation management firm until there has already been some damage done to their image, and they want to try to stop it from getting any worse.

In order to encourage The Link Builder’s prospects to be proactive in purchasing online reputation management services, rather than waiting until a problem is negatively impacting them, the copy for the site pushes readers to imagine the consequences that would result from widespread negative publicity. By making them aware of these risks and triggering a bit of fear, visitors began to think of reputation management more like an insurance policy that you buy before you have a problem — to protect yourself — rather than like a lawyer that you hire only after you’ve been sued. Ultimately this position helped The Link Builders enter a period of rapid growth from new client acquisitions.

Melody Wilding, LMSW

Melody Wilding Portfolio Preview

Melody Wilding, LMSW is a therapist for female entrepreneurs and executives. Her site defines this audience right from the header copy: “Successful women face a unique set of emotional challenges. I’m here to help.” Beneath that, all of the other elements on the site focus on achieving two key goals with this target market.

First, the “coaching” industry is saturated and contains more scams and unqualified providers than almost any other field. Therefore, it was critical to establish Melody as legitimate. To do that, we showcased some of the major publications she has been featured in at the top of her site, like New York Magazine and Fast Company, as credibility indicators. We also included testimonials as social proof in both the body of the site as well as the sidebar.

Second, because Melody focuses on female entrepreneurs and executives, she needed to build rapport with this audience. Like the headline says, they face a unique set of challenges, and the copy needed to reflect that. Melody identified several core areas where her clients struggle the most, like negotiation and “imposter syndrome.” We then built narratives throughout the copy so her audience would see their lives reflected in the stories on the site, ultimately generating more email subscribers, prospects, and clients for her practice.

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